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These are real projects we worked on, but all sensitive data has been blurred, modified or removed to protect client privacy.

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We chose to employ cluster analysis to identify four unique personas of teachers.
Personas Analysis
AI/Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Python
Regression analysis to understand which engagement metrics raise an internal benchmark score.
EdTech Data Science
AI/Data Science, Regression, Python, Predictive Analytics
Complex mapping and analytics for survey and Census data.
Tableau, Excel, Dashboard/Reports
Analytics to inform inventory and management decisions.
Power BI, Python, SQL, Dashboard/Reports
Web-based visuals to quickly understand results for a COVID survey.
Excel, HighCharts, JavaScript, Dashboard/Reports
Comprehensive and sliceable dashboard directly in the browser.
HR Dashboard
JavaScript, HighCharts, Dashboard/Reports
Simple in-browser visuals for quick analysis.
HighCharts, JavaScript, Dashboard/Reports
Part of a larger marketing dashboard - sample social media visuals.
Marketing Dashboard
Python, HighCharts, JavaScript

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