Survey and Government Dashboard – Tableau

Client Overview

The Forbes Funds advances the well-being of our region by helping human service and community-based nonprofits build their management capacity and increase the impact of their mission work.


The Forbes Funds commissioned a survey to better understand the needs of their region. They needed the survey results visualized for internal stakeholders as well as the general public. Part of the visualization requirements included layering their survey data over top of Census Bureau data on a map.


Tableau Desktop CertifiedWe are Tableau Desktop Certified

Boxplot used Tableau to create a series of dashboards to tell the story of the data. We implemented complicated formulas and other advanced features in Tableau such as parameters to create dynamic, multi-layered maps. These maps included the Census data as well as the Forbes Funds internal survey results. The dashboard was embedded into a page on their website so that the public can view results as well. The page is viewable on any device, anywhere in the world.
View the actual live dashboard on their website here.

The Dashboards