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Key services we provide include:

Data Cleaning, Movement, & Automation

Do you feel that your Zoho data is dirty, out of date, or unusable? Do you want to pull data from other sources – like lead generation campaigns, government data, or other business apps?

Automate data flow into or out of Zoho – and your team won’t have to manually enter information.

Data Analytics & Data Science

We implement and customize solutions to fit your needs and business processes. Common analytics we’ve done for clients in the past include custom KPIs, aggregations, visualization, machine learning techniques, and hypothesis testing just to name a few.

Our expert statisticians can complete all analyses required to answer even the toughest business questions.

Training, Implementation, & Insights

After analyses are complete, we can deliver insights to stakeholders in any format desired. Most of our clients choose a report or dashboard. We can also create slide decks, or train your employees if desired. We’ll be there for ongoing support as needed, too.

We’ll make sure that you can turn our insights into action that will result in positive change for your business.

Data Integration

Boxplot can integrate data from nearly any application into your dashboard, no matter what BI tool you choose to use.

We are well-versed in utilizing APIs so can programmatically pull data from your most common sources.

If you choose to use Zoho Analytics as your BI tool, it has over 500 pre-built integrations, including:
We’re located in Philadelphia and have an entirely US-based team. We serve customers globally, and are available for video chats as needed. We’re obsessive about customer service, your ability to reach us, and maintaining open lines of communication. Our analysts are highly trained in their fields – you can view some of our team bios here.

Clients Love Our Dashboards & Reports

Boxplot can create beautiful, actionable dashboards and reports using your Zoho data.
We can incorporate data from other sources into the dashboards as well. Dashboards can update in real time or as frequently as needed.

We’ll use whatever tools you prefer – common tools we’ve used with other clients include Power BI, Tableau, Zoho Analytics, and creating web-based displays with Python.

We offer completely customized solutions.

You’ll only pay for what you need. Contact us to chat about your project and for a quote.

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