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Recent studies such as this one are clear: data-oriented companies outperform their non-data-oriented competitors. It is arguable that no area of business has been affected to a greater extent than marketing and sales.

Data Strategies

There are many methods that tech-savvy marketing professionals are using to reap the benefits of superior data strategy.

These include:

Tailored, machine learning-driven advertising,
Data-driven content delivery
KPI tracking dashboards & reports
Marketing qualified lead (MQL) generation
Customer churn prediction

Yet what really stands out from this trend is not the exclusivity and sophistication of world-class data savvy. Quite the opposite, in fact: through technological developments of the past few decades, machine learning and data analytics have become quite approachable and accessible to marketing professionals at all levels of prior data-oriented competence.

Following are a few of the most effective uses of data in marketing.

Data-driven Content Delivery

Your articles will stand out from competitors if they contain data, and particularly if they contain beautiful charts and graphs. Boxplot has extensive experience taking internal company data, aggregating it, anonymizing it if needed, and prepping it for marketing content that gets attention.

A common example of this is when large organizations or nonprofits want to show success rates. We can take your internal data and produce interactive charts that appear right on your webpage. These charts can show things like:

  • How many customers you served in a given timeframe
  • The success rate of your product/service for past customers.
  • For nonprofits, the success rate of your offering.
  • Amount of money saved on average
  • Other KPIs that will attract more potential customers.

Social Media Marketing & Analysis

With more than 3.8 billion daily users, social media advertising is one of the best ways to get your organization’s name out to a broad audience. But the expansiveness of the social media audience can be both a blessing and a curse; with so many users, how can marketing professionals make sure their brands are exposed to the right people? Or identify patterns? This is where data analytics, data science, and machine learning come in.

Data Analytics

this typically refers to taking existing data, cleaning it, analyzing it, and displaying it in meaningful ways that can be used to make informed decisions.

Machine learning/Data Science

this usually refers to the process of teaching a computer to learn something that you don’t know, using only information that you do know.

These can be used to perform common marketing techniques such as:

Understand your existing presence and followers, and trends

Use your current data to target new followers and potential customers

Determine the best practices for your particular audience (types of content, dates/times for posting content, etc.)

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Generation

How can you identify potential marketing leads before your competitors? This is a great use case of predictive analytics, a subfield of machine learning that deals specifically with predicting future outcomes. Specifically, you can teach a computer how to identify leads using publicly-available information about these leads. Marketing professionals in most industries have come to recognize the superior accuracy that comes with machine learning-based MQL generation; while in the past these processes have had to rely heavily on “gut-feeling” decisions, new algorithmic models offer organizations unbiased and reliable predictions in terms of which leads are likely to become clients.

Data-Driven Marketing For Your Organization

If you’ve decided to bring your organization’s marketing department into the age of data, where is the best place to start? Boxplot has extensive experience serving clients in the marketing space, and we’re excited by the prospect of helping your organization achieve its data-oriented goals. Whether you are first starting out in the world of data, or if you have some established practices that need to be fixed or improved, contact us today for a quote on our services.

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