Flexible Engagement Options

Outsourced Analytics Department

We are equipped to seamlessly manage your organization’s data and software needs. You can send us a steady flow of requests like you would an in-house analyst and you’ll feel like we’re part of the team. Let us be your outsourced analytics & development department.


Boxplot can help with one-off projects. We charge hourly and send weekly hours reports so you can follow our progress. We’re easy to reach if you have questions.

Our customers have called us
data & tech magicians (which we love!).

Here are some other testimonials:

It has allowed us to develop more relevant KPIs leading to better data-driven decisions.

—Gordon M.

Boxplot has become a dependable and essential part of our Employee Cycle team.

—Salas S.

Boxplot thoroughly understood and scoped out our needs. I had complete confidence they knew what they needed to do to achieve our outcome.

—Charlie M.

Our Team

What sets us apart is our deep expertise. Our team members are highly vetted to ensure expert-level understanding of the concepts needed to complete projects. There is a shortage of data and tech talent nationally, and unfortunately, many people claim to be analysts when they lack training and experience. Most of our team members have direct degrees in statistics or computer science, and all are highly vetted by seasoned experts to ensure they are going to produce quality results. We’ve also worked with data from a variety of industries including marketing, human resources, law, finance, telecommunications, customer support, and sales.

Customer Service


We’re obsessive about your satisfaction and customer experience which is part of our core values. If you’ve hired us to take over a project, you can expect that we’ll be available to communicate with you when you need us via video chat or phone. We are meticulous and your happiness is of utmost importance to our team.