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Data Chat

by Boxplot    Apr 4, 2019   

Barb returns to PowerToFly as a guest speaker, this time, for a “Data Hour” webinar. This webinar consists of answers that Barb has for some general and more specific data analysis-related questions that the audience has. What’s unique about these Data Hour webinars is that audience members are able to get specific answers to questions that likely do not have real answers on the internet, and with such detail.

Some of the audience questions include: “Which data pipelines do you prefer to work with?”, “What do I do if some of the columns in my data set have missing values?” and “What is the most basic to most sophisticated software to use for data input and extrapolation?” As part of this webinar, Barb walks through a detailed, live demonstration for how to write SQL queries in a Jupyter notebook to help an audience member who was having trouble doing so.

Barb describes the pros and cons of different programs and languages such as Excel, Python, Javascript, and R, that are used for a variety of data analysis-related career paths and explains which ones are better suited for said paths.

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"Data Visualization in Python Lunch + Learn"

"Data Hour (July)"

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