Data Visualization in Python Lunch + Learn

Data Visualization in Python Lunch + Learn

by Boxplot    Feb 20, 2019   

Data analytics expert, Barbara Donnini, joins PowerToFly as a guest speaker for a Python Visualization Seminar. This interactive seminar combines Python, Jupyter, and Pandas and focuses on visualizing and plotting.

Some tasks that audience members learn throughout the course of this webinar include: importing and loading data and coding line plots, bar plots, histograms, scatter plots, pie charts, and box plots, as well as in what situations these visualizations should be used. Audience members follow along with downloaded materials provided and are given the opportunity to guess the next steps in the visualization processes, and answer questions related to the material.

Before ending the seminar, Barb answers some pre-submitted Python-related questions such as: “How long does it take to master Python?”, “What are some of the most common and unusual uses of Python you have come across?”, and “What are the most popular Python visualizations that are used by marketing groups?”.

This is a very useful workshop for anyone interested in learning more about how to create data visualizations in Python!

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