Data Hour (July)

Data Hour (July)

by Boxplot    Jul 25, 2019   

Barb returns to PowerToFly as a guest speaker for another “Data Hour” webinar. This “Data Hour” webinar consists of answers that Barb has for some general and more specific data analysis-related questions that the audience has.

In this webinar, Barb answers many questions about data visualisation such as some of her favorite tools for compiling data for visual presentations, the best colors to use, and the process she goes through for creating a dashboard. A recurring question that arose in both Data Hour webinars is the use of Tableau (as it is quite pricey), and leading, comparable platforms that can be used in place of it. Some other questions asked: “What is the most impactful data story you have told?”, “How do you integrate automated quality assurance into your process?”, and “What skill sets do I need to be credible in this line of work?”.

Barb goes into the difference between working as a data scientist and data analyst, two career paths that sound similar, but are very different in their skill sets and programs and languages required. She ends the webinar with some of the most useful ways that one can make themself more marketable and prepared in a data analytics career along with a variety of resources.

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