WBENC Social Media Presentation

WBENC Social Media Presentation

by Boxplot    Sep 19, 2021   

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In June 2021, Barb was a guest speaker for the WBENC webinar series: From Pandemic to Progress. This webinar is geared towards small business owners who want to analyze their company’s social media data to use it for their advantage. The webinar goes into detail from where to find your social media’s data, to why you may want that data, to how to effectively analyze it. Barb explains the value and uses of Google Analytics and shows the viewers what information on their website they will expect to see with the platform. Afterwards, she answers some common analytics questions for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter such as, “who do my posts reach” and “which hashtags perform best?”. To end the webinar, Barb compares pros and cons between using apps, outsourcing, and DIY social media analytics and answers some live questions from the audience.

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Here are the items sent out in the emails after Barb’s webinars (grouped by type of webinar, and general resources).

Resources to keep learning & staying connected:
General Data Analysis Resources
SQL Resources
  • What is SQL?
  • Practice SQL problems for free: HackerRank
  • Take an intermediate SQL course:

"Setting up PostgreSQL & pgAdmin"

"Boxplot Makes List of 64 Best Pennsylvania Database Startups"

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