Subito Motus + Boxplot Partnership

Subito Motus + Boxplot Partnership

by Boxplot    May 6, 2024   

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Subito Motus and Boxplot Announce Partnership

Philadelphia, PA – Quarter 2, 2024 – Subito Motus, a technology consulting firm focused on digital transformation, and Boxplot, a data and technology consulting firm focused on data-driven problem-solving, proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at offering unparalleled technology solutions to businesses worldwide.

This strategic alliance brings together the extensive experience and complementary strengths of Subito Motus and Boxplot, creating a powerhouse team capable of delivering comprehensive technology consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each client. By joining forces, the two firms will provide clients with a holistic approach to technology consulting, enabling businesses to leverage cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

“We are thrilled to partner with Boxplot to expand our service offerings and deliver even greater value to our clients,” said Aaron Andrews, Principal of Subito Motus. “By combining our expertise in digital transformation and security with Boxplot’s proficiency in data analysis and machine learning, we can provide clients with end-to-end solutions that address their most complex challenges.”

Boxplot’s President, Barb Donnini, echoed these sentiments, stating, “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses with actionable insights and innovative technology solutions. Together with Subito Motus, we look forward to helping clients make smarter decisions, optimize processes, integrate AI, and achieve their strategic objectives.”

Through this collaboration, Subito Motus and Boxplot will be able to solve even the most challenging technological problems for an even wider variety of organizations. Clients can expect tailored consulting services backed by deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a commitment to delivering results.

About Subito Motus
Subito Motus is an award-winning Technology Consulting Firm focusing on Digital Transformation, Security, and Cost Containment. Subito Motus executes everything from Cloud Services, Infrastructure Planning, and assessments into the more traditional telephony services where necessary. More information:  or 484 -772-6043; follow Subito Motus on LinkedIn.

About Boxplot
Boxplot is a data, AI and tech consulting firm that helps organizations solve pressing business problems. The company’s analysts, data scientists and developers are highly trained experts that consistently produce accurate and actionable insights. Boxplot enables businesses to make smarter decisions through services that include dashboards, automation, and machine learning. More information: or 267-775-1269; follow Boxplot on LinkedIn.

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