Boxplot Makes List of 64 Best Pennsylvania Database Startups

Boxplot Makes List of 64 Best Pennsylvania Database Startups

by Boxplot    Apr 29, 2022   

This month, April 2022, Boxplot was listed as one of Pennsylvania’s best database startups. Startup Pill is an online international resource for startup founders, investors, and consultants. 

The companies on this list were selected based on innovation, growth, management, and social impact. Take a scroll through their article to see our feature!

About Boxplot

Boxplot is a data analytics consulting firm. We help organizations use their data to make smarter business decisions and solve pressing problems. 

Our primary service is producing data-driven reports and dashboards. We can work with nearly any data source, in any format – CRM, financial/accounting, POS, IT/ticketing, Sales, HR, Marketing, Inventory, mobile/web app data, geographic/GIS data, social media, government data sources, surveys, and more. We’ll then turn that organizational data into dashboards and reports with actionable insights. We also are excellent at explaining the analyses – we’ll make sure your team can use the business intelligence to enact meaningful change that will help your business reach its goals. 

Our other services include custom data projects, automating data processes, creating, cleaning and organizing databases, supporting existing data teams, surveys, corporate training, and data-related recruiting assistance

What sets us apart is our deep data expertise – working with data is all we do, and all of our team members are highly vetted to ensure expert-level understanding of the concepts needed to complete projects. Many of our team members have direct degrees in math or statistics, and all work is reviewed by a statistician with a degree in the field. The Boxplot team is well-versed in all major analytics programs including Excel, SQL, Tableau, Qlik, JavaScript, Python and R just to name a few. We’ve also worked with data from a variety of industries including marketing, human resources, law, finance, telecommunications, customer support, and sales.

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