Excel Templates for Data Analysis

Excel Templates for Data Analysis

by Boxplot    Jul 17, 2023   

When working in Excel, no one likes to start their analyses from scratch every time. Instead, data analysts can sometimes enhance the efficiency of their work by using templates for Excel tasks that they would otherwise complete manually. These templates give analysts all the intuitiveness that Excel offers while enhancing the ease and speed with which someone can complete an analysis. One such repetitive task that templates are suitable to replace is creating boxplots. Often used for outlier detection ―that is, the identification of abnormal events in data― boxplots give an audience a concise view of what the “normal” range of possible values is in a dataset.

Check out the set of boxplot Excel templates below; these may be a great resource for data analysts who want to streamline the creation of straightforward outlier detection analyses. This set of templates also includes options for time series and cross-sectional data. 

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