What is

Data Storytelling?

Data scientists are often considered “digital storytellers” due to their ability to transform untidy data into actionable narratives.

A strong ability to communicate an accurate story of what’s really going on is a key component of what differentiates elite data professionals from the crowd, and every organization has something to gain from data storytelling.

Why Is Data Storytelling Important?

How well can my data tell me why something is happening?

Intuition Isn’t Perfect

It is no longer sufficient to rely on gut instinct to generate the narratives that drive the pivotal decisions your organization makes.

Get Concrete Proof

Decisions that are as important as these deserve to be backed up with concrete evidence

Outpace Competitors

Your organization’s ability to outpace competitors in data-oriented decision-making comes down to how effectively you can communicate these narratives

Trends in Data Storytelling

Automation is all the rage across the world of data as of late, and not just for data storytelling.

Data-generated narratives can reach a larger audience more efficiently if a report is automatically up-to-date.

The ability to produce this sort of effective self-service data storytelling is a sign of a first-class data professional.

Let Boxplot Help Your Organization with Data Storytelling

Data storytelling can be done through any tool you already use – Excel, Tableau, Python, PowerBI, etc.

Boxplot team members are experts at extracting insights from data, and telling the story of the data in a way that is useful and actionable for your organization.

Our experts are accessible- so that members of your organization can get support understanding the results when needed.

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